Everyone has a philosophic side. Even our gym teacher (a.k.a. the wrestling coach) and probably the teacher who is most rough around the edges in the whole school will occasionally have a burst of genius and spread his wings in the zone of philosophy. The following displays the philosopher in me quite clearly, though it seems to be showing through a lot lately on here…

All people desire to be the same: to be accepted, to be embraced, to be loved. And, all people yearn to be different: to be special, unique, to leave impact. One need only  walk down the halls of any school campus to see this. The sports fanatic grabbing homework from his locker to bring home after practice, the goth girl on the corner dressed in black. Honor roll students head to their meeting as the metal-clad rebels hang out by the pop machines. Movies have been made, books written, and movements developed around this topic, (It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge, the Rebelution ) possibilities for positive and negative impact have been explored. But really, it all comes down to an individual’s choices and the effects these decisions have on his or her life… and the world. So, what choices am I going to make? How will they affect me, and you; people today, and in the future?

It’s really not hard to be different. It’s not hard to choose a road less traveled by; there are thousands of these roads to choose from. The deciding factor is whether or not we take the road less travelled by as indicated in Frost’s poem. Determining the path we should take, and the journey on which to embark is a question that has plagued mankind throughout history. The question college students to be contemplate incessantly, the decision the older generation often mourns.  And yet, no compass is there to tell  which way you should go in accordance with where you have come from. So we are left to choose the kind of different we want to be. Some succeed, some fail miserably, and some take the easy road and go with the flow as only a dead thing can.

It is not a choice to be made only once in a lifetime; it is the choice we make every day in what we say and what we don’t, what we wear and how we act. Who we trust, how we react, where we go, where we stay… How will I use the short lifetime I have been granted to impact and imprint the brief lives of others around me? It’s a scary thought that no one else can make these decisions for us. Our fate is up to us and our decisions. Adolf Hitler was different, so was Mother Teresa. In a world where “This will make you different!” is displayed on every street corner, and “This will make you fit in!” is the sign on every storefront confusion is inevitable, and  living unaffected is impossible. I would rather try than go with the flow, even if it means being trampled sometimes as I fight upstream. But right now I have to choose my battles and seek direction from my Savior. I don’t have all the answers, but I know the One who does. This is my sole encouragement as I seek to be different in every way that counts.

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