Bows are Overrated

They are. Everybody wants everything to tie together with this perfect little bow in a perfect little answer. I don’t think there’d even be bows in a perfect world. Every answer leads to more questions, every ribbon was cut off at some point, perfect climaxes last only moments before conflict arises again.

My journey right now doesn’t look very spectacular, in fact it’s probably a knotted snarled mess of unanswered questions, unfinished business, and incomplete sub-plots. But that’s ok. Each hair isn’t perfectly in place, I stumble over my own words, the shoes don’t match the outfit… but that’s ok. This journey isn’t just mountaintop moments photographed before I compromise what I said I’d do then in the valley; it’s the whole messy, screwed up imperfect picture whether it makes sense or not. Plastering a bow on the scenario won’t make it look any better, so I’m not even going to try. I’m ok with where I am, I’m moving forward, and that’s enough for me.

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