Live the Game

One thing to be said for sports: they sure can teach you a lot about life. I definitely believe that they have been put on too high a level in the American dream, but still there are some athletes who are just out there just to play the game. My favorite sport is hocky. I only started playing it a few months ago, at first I didn’t even know how to hold a stick, but I’m getting better. I’ve learned a lot, a lot about sports, a lot about life.

Something I believe in more passionately than most (and now have the perfect analogy for) is vulnerability. I’m believing in it more passionately every day as I see others around me exercising it, and see the effect of my choice to be vulnerable changing me and those around me. Many people have disagreed with me on this subject, many more have openly confessed that they’re not brave enough to try because, you  see, it hurts. Pouring your heart and soul into the lives around you is dangerous, it doesn’t take long doing it to find that out. But in the end it’s so so worth it.

You put your heart and soul into a game, you focus on that one point: the ball , you give it everything you’ve got, and well, I guarantee you’re gonna get hurt. Maybe it’s just a let down cause’ you lost this round, maybe your heart gets injured when someone makes fun of you in comparison to everyone else,  and your knees will definitely take a beating as you trip and fall hard in pursuit. But nothing, I repeat nothing, can compare with your satisfaction in a job well done, in knowing that you have done you’re absolute best.

In life, investing in other people puts you at a great risk, but when that trust blossoms from being open, honest, and vulnerable, when something exciting and beautiful comes from your efforts nothing will compare to that moment. It’s something you’ll never forget.  It’s gonna make a whole lot more than  your day: it’ll make your week,  your month, your year. So you decide is it worth it? Is it worth the risk? So many more things could be applied here; I may have to make a second post to fit them all. Encouragement, not judging by appearances, teamwork, using your talents in the right place to reach your fullest potential… But my main point today is this: I never want anyone to ever be able to truthfully say of me “She didn’t put her all into life. She didn’t really care about the people around her. She wasn’t painfully honest, she was cautious, didn’t want to get hurt.” Do you? What are ya gonna do about it?

Galatians 6:4 “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get satisfation of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.”

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One thought on “Live the Game

  1. Oh my word, YES.

    The funny thing is (don’t know if you’ve noticed this on my blog yet), but at the beginning of 2011 I took a vulnerability challenge. I started my blog to log my journey of it.

    So I hear you on this one.

    I tend to be an extremely closed, private, un-vulnerable person just in general, so…me taking this challenge was sort of like a drug addict doing a full-body cleanse. Yeah, very sick and not a bit pretty.


    You’re right, life is far too precious to lose, and I don’t care how hard it is, may it never be said that I didn’t embrace it and live it just as hard as I could. Maybe it hurts, but maybe there’s no other way.

    I like it like this.

    And I’m awfully glad I’m not the only one out there who’s willing to sacrifice being perfectly dressed and acting like I have it all together and willing to be imperfect. 🙂

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