Life Essence

Today I will share some of my recent poetry. It seems as though I can say more through poems than I can through prose anyways…and I don’t know if I could put words to today.  


Raw  emotion spawns beauty
Arts exist to express.
Bleeding hearts scrawl red ink
In elaborate fountain pen.
Broken souls birth life essence:
Manna for desperate men.
Vulnerable people write exposed
Their motives lay bare to critique.
For our chests are pried open
And our substance lives on the page.
Nameless musician vagabond
On the corner of the street.
The gentle music cunned them to stop-
His voice that’s low and sweet.
Crying out truth unwanted
Questions asked way deep inside
The well to do are haunted
By one who dares to speak heartcrys.
Indebted listeners drop their coins
In a well worn ragged cap.
Gypsies’ music is more than noise;
He knows where the answers are at.
Stop it.
I said stop it.
See what you’re leaving behind?
If you were a man
You’d clean up that mess
And really apologize.
But you’re not a man;
You’re a coward,
And you’re running away.
Don’t you see what you’re doing?
Stop it.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
You promised you’d stay,
But apparently that doesn’t matter
To you anymore.
If you’d stop it
You’d see what you’re missing.
I said don’t go out that door.
So it’s hard.
Nobody said it’d be easy
Or that your heart wouldn’t be torn.
It gets hard and you leave.
I should have seen it coming.
It’s too late,
You chose your fate:
This escape they call divorce.
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3 thoughts on “Life Essence

  1. I loved these, alot. Please put more of them. Poetry is a pretty special gift, I think, and it just alludes me for some reason. You’re lucky. 🙂

    The first one was my favourite. That’s sort of my life’s song right now, all those words, and it’s beautiful.

    You’re pretty special, just saying. 😉

  2. *eludes me.

  3. I shall have to dig through my old notebooks and find some, in the meantime did you see the one I have in archives? If you go to categories (bottom of page) and click poems it’ll come up.

    You make me feel so special. 🙂

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