Gift to the Pages

As requested, here are a couple more poems. These ones were written last year.

Writing:the gift of the ages.
Words: the gift to the pages.
Giving to the well of tears.
Drawing from the well of fears.
No time will never tell
How many have giv’n to that well.
How many stopped to ponder?
How many started to wonder?
Oh ancient gift of rhyme.
The chosen gift of time.
Upon many a page the word!
Yes on many a page unheard.
There lies the ancient gift: the word.
There flies the ancient gift: a bird
It brings me sweet release.
Rage is a red bull’s rider
With her eyes on fire.
Adrenaline rushes through her veins.
Rage I blind in fury
She faces the jury
Anger betrayed within her tone.
Rage is a no good liar
Yet she seems ne’r to tire
No guilt yet found upon her heart.
Rage punches the man
Harder than she can.
Hair whips voicing his betrayal.
Then rage vandalizes
Oh the many prizes
Footsteps she feels closing this case.
Rage shoots BB holes
Scares the baby foals
their screams echo back her soul.
Rage collapses, love her,
Now that rage is over
She is again the weakling of the pack.
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3 thoughts on “Gift to the Pages


    It was worth it. ;))

    Forget the truckdriving stuff, you should be a writer, you know? The food’s much better, too. 😉

  2. Wow! You are a great poet! I especially liked the last one!

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