Words United

I’ve been privileged to meet a lot of new people in the virtual world recently a lot of people who have been teaching me a lot of things through their journeys. These people who dare to rip the curtains off their lives. I can see in the window; it’s so clear that every day, every moment is a battle. I find myself sitting in the stands and cheering them on. My heart drops as they let down their guard and another blow penetrates their struggling soul, I rejoice as they get back up again, a firm resolve in their eyes. I try to use a few words to guide them when they discover that they can’t go on alone, but in the end I am just a spectator caught up in each story’s emotions through a bond that I cannot explain.

I can only hope that as I tear the veil off my own life and invite you to enter the real, messy, and difficult world in which I live that there will be some connection. Perhaps my small part in the ultimate story can somehow reach through inanimate computer screens and aid you and your part. For all of life is a story; all of life is a song. We each comprise one instrument in the orchestra, one chapter in the chronicle. As each of our notes, words, and battles overlap it is my hope that we will create something beautiful to please our Conductor Author King because above all else He is the common ground of our journeys, and the pursuer of our lives.

So maybe I’ve spelled out my life and my struggles for nothing, but so long as there is still hope of helping somebody then it’s worth it. Maybe all of these words put togather sound like jabbering nonsense, or maybe they paint the picture of beautiful heartbreak. Does it really matter? I open my mouth, no, scratch that- we open our mouths, our fingers, and they pour forth speech. One sentance out of thousands could make a difference. As long as there is a possibility I cannot stop writing. Letting people look through into my life might give them as much insight as peering into theirs has given to me. The battle is still worth  fighting. We have a fighting chance togather, apart there may be no hope.

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2 thoughts on “Words United

  1. ‘We have a fighting chance together.’

    And that is exactly why we end up finding each other. Somehow God crosses our paths, because He knows how much I need you, and maybe you need me, too.

    No one can win a war alone, can they?

    When we strip and finally allow ourselves to see what we really are, that’s where everything starts. It’s a terrifying experience, and if we ever need support, it’s then. Becoming whole, means you’re broken to begin with.

    You don’t know, Veronicah Rose, how impacting you are just by writing. That’s all you have to do – tell your story. Because people with broken stories are looking for, is not for someone that has all their answers. They need someone to show them that they’re not the only one. And that’s what you’re telling them. That’s what you’re telling ME. And as long as I know I’m not a lone fighter, I can keep going on. You don’t know how powerful it is.

    And do you know, how really glad I am that I found you? 😉

    • Yes, I do need you Nastya. I could echo your words back: you don’t know how much you’ve impacted me by telling your story, you’ve showed me I’m not the only one. Do you know how very glad I am that I found you? How very glad that you became vulnerable by tearing the curtains off your life? You have such heart Nastya Andreyevna. I can see us fighting back to back against mighty foes.

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