Poetry is an interesting art form, sometimes it allows me to slip into someone else’s skin for a while and try to imagine their life from the little particles I’ve been allowed to see. Such is the case with this poem: it’s about an acquaintance… I hesitate to even call him that. Let’s say it’s about someone I’ve barely seen before, but whose writing has brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Someone whose name I wish I could tell you because it fits his life so perfectly. Someone I wish would reach beyond his name. But I won’t keep  you in suspense. Here is the poem:

Music defining,
Keeping me alive.
Music screaming,
Hate voices contrive.
Music whispering,
Memories…the past.
Music sobbing,
Shattered heart glass.
Music numb,
Emotionless freak.
Music not,
Empty eyes seek.
Music mocking,
Happier than me.
Music always,
Build, break, be.
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2 thoughts on “Music

  1. murtaghsgirl

    I like this, it’s very pretty.

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