Truth and Fiction

I’ve been writing fiction. It’s been good. The amazing thing about fiction is that it absorbs everything that you’re going through, the experiences of those you know, and even the actions of a perfect stranger, it takes these things and combines them into a coherent emotion packed  picture. I can’t tell you how many little influences have met me as I work on the story. It’s like I’m taking this journey and putting it into another sub-journey. It’s an amazing way of processing life. Fiction has always been the genre in which I struggle most, but this time it’s like everything is coming together, and it’s working. I won’t say I haven’t had struggles; there have been entire scenes I’ve had to delete or rework, but it’s actually working this time.

I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who write obsessively about their latest novel (no offense to those kind of bloggers, I do enjoy that kind of work occasionally, but it’s not my purpose here). I don’t want to be one of those kind of writers, but writing is very much a part of my journey. Characters start growing on me, people I know are automatically in jeopardy of becoming material for study. The eyes of a storyteller are so much different from those of the casual observer. Storytelling is therapy. I don’t like writing fiction when it becomes a chore, though there are always dry spots that I suppose you must brave through. I like writing fiction when I’m inspired. Right now I’m taking it in bite sized pieces, I’m limiting myself every day.

Each story mirrors the great story, and each writer mirrors the great Author. It is an exciting process, writing fiction. Weaving the pieces of life together is an amazing experience. I’m always confronted when I read the poetry and prose of others with the commonness of our struggles, and the vast differences of our joys. Soon I will be together with other writers. Soon our journeys will all be placed side by side, stapled on paper into a booklet. Soon those words will be read, and our struggles and joys will come out. I am looking forward to it. The journeys meet, if only for a moment, and magic occurs. For me there is nothing like writing, or reading my work to the world.

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10 thoughts on “Truth and Fiction

  1. Lin Turner

    Nicely said–nicely written.

  2. Lin Turner

    PS. BTW, love that picture. Well chosen…the water reflects the sky as ficture echoes reality and both are beautiful together.

  3. Lin Turner

    Sorry about that, I meant “as fiction echoes reality” not “ficture.” I do like the word “ficture” though as a sort of fiction colliding with the future…

    Always nice when several writers get together. Oh, the flow of imagination and sense of unity.

  4. murtaghsgirl

    You are really good at this stuff:D

  5. Well, if your fiction is anything like your (more or less) nonfiction on here, I like it alot. 😉

    YOU ARE VERY BRAVE. I tried to write a novel once. It got as far as the prologue. Sad.

    Good luck to you and your upcoming writersfest!

    • Haha, no, not very brave. I was just writing beginnings, because I was being a coward. It just grew…

      • murtaghsgirl

        So what is it about?

      • Well, I could say it’s about a guy and a girl, but that might give the wrong impression; this is NOT another romance novel. Basically the girl is a new Christian, and ex-cutter. The guy was a passionate Christian but something happened, and now he’s questioning his faith big time.

  6. murtaghsgirl

    Wow, that sounds really interesting:)

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