I look around, and I see billions struggling to find their voices in this small world. And who am I? Am I just another voice? You have thousands of voices screaming in your ears, begging for attention, trying to drown out the one voice that really matters. Am I  just one more? There is only one who will not scream; there is one who only whispers. He wants you to have to choose to hear Him. When the journey gets rough and the trials no longer linger in the distance we might listen,  ask for help, or maybe even blame Him. When something pushes us to hear the still small voice we’re there in an instant, but other times? Not so.

Something big happens, and we pledge our lives to Him no matter what, we all mean it; our voices raise in unison. But two months from the event where will we be? Will we be teaching about the voice with a great following, ourselves lifted high, prideful? Teaching the voice based only on a vague remembrance of its light? Pride comes before a fall. I’ve been there.

Will we be striving to be that one, dreaming of being the voice people listen to? Wishing to be on top of the pile. Wanting to be that famous author, actor, or singer? Two months from making Him our all in all will we be discontent? Or will we have forgotten the yearning, and be content with just one spiritual meal per week in church on Sunday? I have been all of these things, but I am not sure that I have been what I mention next.

Faithful: living in Him, loving Him, yearning for more of Him through thick and thin. When God  surveys His people will He find you and me to be those set apart as Ezekiel, Mary, and Noah? Over all of the others will He find us seeking the whisper, our voices transforming to become like His? I pray so.

We so often forget that anything we put above Him becomes an idol, becomes a sin. We like the word picture of revival, but obedience ranks far behind in popularity. God isn’t looking for more Christians who proclaim Jesus only with their mouth; God is looking for people wh proclaim Jesus with their actions day, after day, after day.  It is these people whom He will choose to be His voices (I hope to someday be one of these). These people who obey God even when they don’t understand, it is these people who will stand out to Him among the voices. And isn’t that what really matters?

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4 thoughts on “Voice

  1. murtaghsgirl

    I love reading your blog now. It always makes me think, but it’s written so beautifully that it is totally enjoyable.

    • I’m very glad that you enjoy it. I enjoy writing, and it’s so nice to have an outlet to share regularly.

      • murtaghsgirl

        Yeah, writing is great. You can express yourself better on paper than in words for some reason- at least I can.

  2. Funny, lately I’ve been studying all the Biblical examples of courage I can find in the Bible. And this reminded me of them. Of all those amazing people who weren’t so amazing except for the fact that they were faithful and willing, and they LISTENED.

    I hope I’m a voice someday, too.

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