There is this word, grace, that everybody talks about, but nobody lives out or understands. There is this word, grace, that we like to put on candles, and pretty banners, but don’t enjoy embodying. A word that one God/man embodied, and the rest of us ignore. An action word that we can’t wrap our minds around, or comprehend no matter how hard we try; a word I can’t even begin to tell you about because I’ve failed like everybody else.

All sins are created equal. All people, all of us horrible filthy failures are equally bad. Judgementalness, illusions of holiness, giving in to temptation. And even Jesus did not consider equality with God something to be grasped! I think that puts us lower than the lowest of lows; smaller than Horton’s dust speck, so guilty God couldn’t bear to look at our sin in His perfection. And yet He extends us grace, and forgiveness, and love.

He says go and sin no more. He says be holy as I am holy. And we fail. Every single time we fail. And he shows us grace again- He forgives us. He forgives us and looks at us through the blood of the cross seeing us as pure and clean. Over, and over, and over, and over…

How people can look at that and say “whatever” is a mystery to me- but what’s even more befuddling; how I can harden my heart, and lose the awe of it. I can laugh at the Israilites for losing faith in the desert so many times, but to look at myself- I have to keep coming back and rediscovering the incomprehensible beauty of grace because I forget so quickly. Before I know it I’m driving another nail into His wrist and laughing. I have to keep coming back to the foot of the cross over, and over, and over, and over.

I didn’t have anything new to say today. I haven’t told you anything that you haven’t heard before. I’ve just added another paper to the stack titled ‘On Grace’. I’ve just written more babbling over the word that everybody talks about, and nobody lives out.  But let me encourage you to take sometime to mull over this word, and His embodiment of it today. Maybe there’s a reason that so much is written about this word: because we all have to keep coming back over, and over, and over, and over…

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3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. murtaghsgirl

    Really good. I’ve actually just finished reading about the Isrealites and found myself baffled by their grumbling…until I looked in the mirror and saw the same thing. I think you pegged it right. Grace is nearly impossible to understand. But I sure am glad He gives it.

  2. Grace is impossible to fully comprehend, but it’s amazing how well you ‘get it’ at your age. When I was younger, say 20 years old, I still had this concept of God standing up there with a big stick waiting for me to mess up so He could thump me.
    I used to pray “Make me a better person.” until one day I decided that was the wrong prayer. Now it’s “Make me more like Jesus.” Only then can some small drop of grace leak out of my pores and effect another sinner.
    The unbeliever has to convince himself that everything is ok to pretend joyfullness. The punch line for Christians is: We’re not ok, but He forgives us anyway, so we can be joyful in spite of ourselves.
    Your long winded Dad…

  3. I wonder how many other virtues there are that we hang on our walls in gold letters and forget about.

    I worder how much we really limit ourselves sometimes, because we never stop to think and ask, ‘What does that mean, really?’

    I officially want to be an asker. 😉

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