Don’t Forget

I remember. I remember being that little girl looking up to them. Adults didn’t matter as much, well they did, but it was the teenagers actions that I studied most. It was them that I tried to emulate. I remember, and it scares me. You see, there is always someone who is looking up to you, watching you, wanting to be like you. Being a living model and example is a terrifying thing. I look around me; I look at the others struggling here on the brink of something mysterious, and I watch them fall. I know I have to stand, and stay strong, if not for me then for them. It seems like our number is lessening every day. The number of those standing with me declines, and now I’m here with just the faithful few trying to see if there is any way to reclaim those who have fallen to the easy way without myself falling into that forbidden abyss that sometimes looks so tempting. But I can’t fall. I can’t fall because this journey isn’t just about me anymore.

I have got to stand. As one of my few comrades said, I have got to stand: “For truth’s sake. For the sake of all those lost boys and girls who are listening and building, building, building houses that they secretly hate… Who else will counteract all the lies?” And there are so many lies, aren’t there? There are lies pounding us on every side trying to force us to fall from this precipice. But we can’t. We have to stay perched up here an example for all those who are seeking to follow. We have to stay as a testament that it is possible, with God it is possible to choose the more difficult path. Lightening splits the sky behind us, but the enemy is only further serving to display us to the watching. How we stand through trials is a giant testament to our faith. He cannot defeat us, Jesus has already overcome him. In whipping this wind against us he can only make us stronger. I choose to believe and cling to that truth as I stand.

But there is something else that I cling to, there is something else that keeps me standing here. There is something that might scare you. As I look to my right my eyes follow the mountain range and there is another peak, a higher peak, and on that peak I see a few other battered forms standing against the storm. You see, I still have role models; there are still people I look up to. I believe that there will always be people I look up to for proof that the next step is possible as long as I live. I am probably not as open in my adoration now, though I try to let those ahead of me know that they are appreciated. I still look up to them even though I now comprehend that they aren’t perfect.

So let me leave you with this: There is someone looking up to you, want it or not. There is someone watching, so what are you going to do about it? Do you remember? Don’t forget.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget

  1. murtaghsgirl

    Oh my gosh, this almost made me cry!

    • And I shall not apologize. I’m glad that you feel strongly about this. I urge you, go beyond emotion: don’t forget.

  2. YES to all of this.

    I’ve been learning this lately with my younger teen sisters. I’ve never been close to them until this past year or so, and getting to know them well has made me realize HOW MUCH they need help. And me, I’m only 21, what do I know, what can I do? I’m not even out of the woods myself.

    It never occurred to me that the very best thing I can do is love them. SEE them. They’ve got to find the answers themselves, after all. But if they know that at least one person really cares, loves THEM because they see beauty in them…

    Man, have we got our work cut out for us! Lol.

    • We do because there are so very many people that yearn to be ‘seen’ and affirmed as beautiful. It keeps reoccurring to me lately: the harvest is many but the workers are few.

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