Who am I? A question often pondered, but never met to the fullest because who we are is always changing, shaped by our motives and the world around us. Ultimately though we are the prized creation of a living God. Why am I here? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. Worship is the key to existence. Is life worth living? If you have God, then yes, God is purpose. Without God everything is meaningless. Old molecules form supposedly new things to serve us for a while as we all muddle in hopelessness. With God there is purpose, and hope, and identity. With God there is beauty, and motive. The questions of the ages can only ever be met in God; otherwise there is nothing for us here but to live and die attempting to fill the middle of our plotline with something different than those who walk and breath around us. Without God all there is is divine failure, and ignorance. And, contrary to popular belief, ignorance is not bliss.

Why am I writing this? I do not usually choose to fill these short posts with theology and reasoning; I seek to fill them with hope. To use my journey to enrich your own, an attempt which has proved not to be meaningless thanks to God. The truth is that I am not entirely sure why I am writing this except that these are more truths that have had a profound effect on my journey as I seek my place in this world. I trust that these musings are not unique to me, but are the common wonderings of mankind, though I am not sure that we have all found answers. These are the questions that we keep coming back to time, and time again, the inbuilt seekings that fill the book of Ecclesiastes. The answers to which are scattered throughout the Bible so that those who seek them will find them if they seek with all of their hearts. I like Ecclesiastes- it is an often overlooked book of the Bible, yet one that is so relevant to our day and age, one that I suspect has been quite relevant to all days, and ages.

I do not always supply the answers here. Often I only present the questions so that we can all come upon the answers of our own accord. But these answers though so basic are key to human life. I see those around me floundering as they attempt to fill the holes in their hearts with something other than God. These are things that I forget so quickly, or I know them as head knowledge, but not in my heart. Walking the talk isn’t easy. Knowing the answers, and putting them into practice are two entirely different things.  Will you join me in this daily battle to put truths into practice and place the answers into the hands of those around me? Those with the answers should live differently; we have hope.

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