God Can Use it

When life doesn’t even give you a chance to blink from nine to noon. Listening to well over a hundred kids singing about God at the top of their lungs. Loving on those who feel unloved, being right there in among the fray, breaking records, discovering open doors: this is Vacation Bible School, and this is amazing. It’s amazing to watch God use a team of disjointed weak sinful people as His instrument to reach out to the kids. Yes there are problems, no everything isn’t going perfectly smoothly, but God is still using us. It’s crazy to think about.

I love VBS; it’s a topic very close to my heart. I grew up here one week every year having the time of my life, now I’m back I’m helping, I’m reaching for something beyond myself, and asking God for energy I don’t have. I love the class huddle at the beginning of the day. We pray for God’s blessing on our time together; for His grace, love, and mercy. And we thank Him for this amazing time. Did you know that our God loves kids? He wants them to love Him back. He uses us, mere people as the channels for that love. I love hugs, and hearing my name called above the chaos.

I’m in a mountaintop moment right now. It’s an interesting contrast struggling to maintain my relationship with God through the afternoon and evening. My mind is running at breakneck speed for all of the day, not just the mornings. I hope when this all ends I don’t crash. I hope this never ends. I hope the things we’re doing: the verses, and the songs live on. I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written. I hope you understand the why above. I don’t want to miss a moment of what God is doing in the chronicling of it. I don’t want to waste my time writing when God has me living. The writing can come later. These memories will last.

Wherever you are on your journey right now I hope that you are encouraged by this. God is still working; he is alive and active. Jesus is still healing; he’s healing hearts. Keep fighting up the mountain. It’s worth the climb. Never ever ever give up. God will use you no matter where you are. Our theme for this week is transformation, God can use the good times to transform us, and he can use the hard times. Wherever you are let Him do his work. You’ll come out changed.

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7 thoughts on “God Can Use it

  1. murtaghsgirl

    We start VBS next Monday, and my family is in charge this year. I’m super excited. I generally can get really short fused with kids who are plain spoiled, but alot of the kids who will be coming this week are from broken homes, and I just love getting to be a source of love and stability to those kinds of kids, even if they are a bit of a hand full. Love the post:)

  2. YAY FOR YOU, and I hope you completely enjoy yourself. Even if you crash, I hope you at least come back challenged.

    Keep on transforming.

    • Always. Always challenged. A girl told me the other day that “If anything goes wrong you can blame me.” And when I told her I wouldn’t she said “It’s ok, I always get blamed.” My heart wept.

      I told a boy on the last day I would miss him, he turned with an unforgettable grin, and asked if I would miss his annoyingness too. I told him yes, I’d even miss his annoyingness. And then he leaned his head over on my shoulder (just a little bit, not so the other guys would notice.) Yes,I’ve definitely been challenged…

  3. Aunt Bee

    Hi girl! Just want to tell you that I read every one of your posts and I am very proud of you! You are a very talented writer but even more so, a very strong Jesus follower. Thank you for sharing your heart! Love ya!!

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