A Rant

The church: a broad overarching statement including all of God’s people from all walks of life, and denominations. I think God is OK with walks of life; I sometimes wonder about denominations. People ask how we’re going to get along in heaven, and the truth is I don’t know. Half the time we’re not even fighting Satan down here; we’re fighting each other. This frustrates me.

I’m not a “Let’s all hold hands , and be friends now.” kind of person. I believe  that conflict is valid, and should be confronted, but I also don’t think it’s necessarily to argue about every little nitty-gritty itty-bitty detail. A good respectful debate about the small stuff? Sure, I’m all for it, but a division within God’s people? That’s something else.

Why do we let this happen? It hurts so many people. Forgiveness, acceptance, denial are all different things, but overall don’t we believe the same? I’m not saying we should deny our differences, but should we let them define us? A squabbling church turns off a watching world. We accomplish so much more when we work together. What happened to “Your kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven.”?

I realize this is much easier said than done. I realize that I’m wrestling with ideals here (we’re are still human), but if we let Jesus love for us permeate and rule, if we refused to be stumbling blocks to each other couldn’t we at least improve? Or is it asking too much to seek grace from those to whom unlimited, and undeserved grave has been given? Are my expectations too high for the behavior of the children of God?

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4 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. NO, YOUR EXPECTATIONS AREN’T TOO HIGH. My pastor is preaching this all the time, and there’s a whole church-full of people who support him. THIS IS THE WAY IT MUST BE.

    It’s so, so sad. It splits up families, it causes old friends who love God to doubt each other’s honesty, and it’s saddest because this is Christ’s body – and if not here, then where will there ever be peace?

    If you can’t love your brother down here, what do you plan to do when you both meet in heaven? It doesn’t make sense.

    The devil just needs to go away and shut up.

  2. I think I like these scribled snatches, veronica. I just read 3 of them and enjoyed each. I’ll be back.

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