To See Beyond

I haven’t done a random writing post in a while, so here you go. There’s a poemish thing (that’ll go first), and then a little anecdote type deal. I gave this the title I did because both of these, despite their differences, are me seeing beyond the surface; for good or bad I don’t know. The second one I was  also working on description. Feel free to comment and critique.



The minnow-like emittance squirms it’s way into into a virgin sky. Upon reaching it’s zenith explodes: birth, life, and death occur within moments ‘it’ is forgotten, replaced quickly by another, only again to be overshadowed by the next, and the next.

Some greater, some smaller,  few unique, lasting beyond seconds. Life is simple, life is short, life is glorious. Beginning with only a spark soon to fizzle into oblivion each after the other continuing until the grand finale in the dark night sky.
Untold Story
She sat in an ancient tan truck, feet out the window, Pepsi can moving to the beat. The song blared the words “And that’s what makes you beautiful.” repeatedly over the parking lot. Perhaps she was the only one enjoying it. She- with the dirty blond shoulder length hair; with the piercings. Two or three lip rings, metal in her nose, innumerable earrings. She couldn’t have been that old… fourteen? her black pink-laced shoes in front of the truck’s mirror were not large, the arms beneath her elbow high bracelets were in no way thick. Did she cut? What was her story? She had a story, but I will never know. Driving off, leaving the question mark, the beautiful broken girl
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7 thoughts on “To See Beyond

  1. murtaghsgirl

    I love the wording in the first one, and the second one is so sad. Great job.

  2. I love the second one. So melancholy. I want to know her story now. I’m glad you wrote a little of it.

    (Found your lovely blog through Nastya. Been lurking a while. Hi. ;))

    • Glad I’m not the only one lurking, though I did try to comment on your last post. Somehow it didn’t go through? I’m also glad that I’m not the only one who finds the stories of brokenness so intriguing. Hope to see you here again.

      • Cyberspace ate it? no! My blog and I feel deprived.

        And yes ma’am! Adding you to my list of blogs to follow =)

      • Haha! I tried again on your new post, so hopefully it goes through, and just in cast I’ll paste it here too:

        I read this, then went off to weed the garden, thought about it, and then proceeded to write an entire blog post (coming soon) on it. This is so much my story as well.

        The whole girl culture subtle signs thing made me laugh. Yes, that is so me. Every time some guy has a crush on me a girl tells me, and I sit there in total shock. Wait, what? I just think of them as brothers, but then when I start putting pieces together it turns out they’re right. This has happened several times now.

        Excellent blog post. You got me thinking. I’m anxious to see what you think of mine when I post it. 😉

  3. ok, clearly that blog of mine has a grudge against you. I shall have to give it a stern talking-to.

    ohh yes Doesn’t that sound familiar! Either that or I get all hyper-sensitive and misread whatever’s going on… It’s like this whole separate language. I feel your pain. 😉 Can’t wait to see what you have to say about the whole thing.

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