Me vs. World

I hesitated to post this for fear of coming across as self-righteous. I added this to assert that this is not my intent. The following is in regards to something that scares me very much; I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

I’m beginning to think that I live in a world of mindless fools; a world seeking personal petty pleasures, and nothing else. A place where people refuse to work for their rewards. a place where we refuse to look at ourselves in a negative light and thus are obsessed with intense assessments of each other- after all it wouldn’t do to look, and discover that our own faults are much more rampant than theirs.

Sometimes I think this place is all too similar to the horrors depicted in books like Uglies, or Lightening Thief. Books where everyone looks forward to being teenager, a pretty, someone under the influence of a lotus flower, because it is depicted as the world of dreams. Reality check: it is the world of nightmares. I look around me at the brainless masses who demand that everything be given to them on a silver platter, and I am appalled. To think that could have been me.

I am set on being the rebel,. I will not become that. Just as all the books focus on the heroes who seek to turn the tide, so I will focus on them, surrounding myself with rebel friends to dare to think. Without thought it is too easy to be let away by the Antichrists Paul speaks of. Without thought the Pied Piper can lead us off with his tantalizing music far too easily. I am not the first to realize that society needs to wake up, or that we are (as C.S. Lewis puts it) “far too easily pleased.” I pray that I will not be the last, I pray that this rebelution can wake up the world before it’s too late. But I don’t know.

Sometimes when I’m surrounded by the crazies I doubt it. Sometimes I almost let go of hope; that is when I must run back to my God, and my rebel friends. The way is hard and long, but the pleasures at the end of this road are so much better than the ones this world gives. When the lines between gratefulness and obsession for things that were meant to be foretastes in this world blur then I cling more tightly to the hope of the pleasures in the next,  for I will not let myself become like them. I will not let myself become a zombie.

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13 thoughts on “Me vs. World

  1. Self-righteous??

    This is the most sane thing I’ve heard in quite awhile.

    YES, you are right, it’s like a drug, like there’s some sort of opium everywhere. This totally reminds me of the scene in The Silver Chair where the Lady of the Green Kirtle is enchanting Jill and Eustace and them, and they forget that Narnia exists and the Underworld is all there is, after all. This is where we have to stand up and be Puddleglum, Veronicah. We fight back and stamp out her fire and find our way out, because we won’t be drugged and Narnia DOES exist.

    *Do whatever you have to do to stay focused.*

    This isn’t you vs. world, don’t believe that either. It’s us. Us vs. world. We’re not the only ones, and we’ll help wake up others.

    • You made me laugh. I totally agree with you, and everything you said, but you made me laugh. See, I’ve always wanted to be like Puddleglum. 😉

      Yes, you’re right it should have been. When I wrote this I was feeling a little bit alone. Now? Not so much.

      • Ha, well, here’s your chance. 😉 I’m glad you’re feeling not so alone, because you’re definitely not. Even though we’re not all rallied around you in a visible army, yet. Rebels never are, at first.

        And go read Isaiah 58:10-11 in the King James. Someone read that in church the other day and hit hit me like a rock. I’m claiming it. 🙂

      • AND VERSE 12, don’t forget that one. After reading this post, these verses made me think of you.

      • Verse twelve. YES! YES! This should be our theme, that goal is written all over these blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait until we rally visibly. I’m serious about this. Someday…

        Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I keep reading your gravatar messages every time you change your pic. I’ve liked all of them, but I think the most recent one is my favorite. 🙂 .

      • Well, there’s a story behind that last gravatar message. I’ll probably do a post about it, so be prepared. 😉

      • I’m waiting in great expectation.

  2. I agree with both you and Nastya. The old frog in the pot of water slowly being turned up to a boil, story. yes, they say the water feels so good right now, and they don’t want to be woke up, because that requires the courage to jump out of the pot and face the reality of our situation. Most people want to live in denial, and so they do, it takes courage not to. Our society is swerving way off track because man has become smarter than any myth about an all powerful and holy God. What is called sanity and smart today, our grandparents would have called insane. I happen to think our grandparents would be right. Look to the old ways our Bible tells us. I agree with Nastya, I find your words true, and quite refreshing!

    • Hmm, I’ve actually never heard that metaphor before. It rings so true here, and I agree with you: our grandparents would be right. We live in a crazy world, I’m glad my words bring a bit of sanity back into it!

  3. Dee

    It did not sound like you was coming across as self -rightoeus. I too am concerned with how many people are on the downhill incline instead of on a uphill climb to God. How do we change this? I started reading a book called ” Becoming a contagious christian”, byBill Hybel and Mark Mittelberg. I have not gotten very far in the book, but what I am getting from it so far is that all people matter to God, so they should matter to us. I have always had a very tough time being able to talk about God to others and I to feel sometimes that I come across wrong to people. I would like you to know that you are not alone. Thankyou for helping me to see that I am not alone.

    • How do we change this? It’s not an easy question to answer, is it? The book you’re reading sounds interesting, I might have to check it out. I believe that the authors are right: it is only by loving on people, by showing not telling about God that we can break through their blindness.

      If you read here very long at all you will find that people are my passion. Unlike you I don’t struggle with talking about God to others, but I do feel that sometimes I come across wrong to people. We are not alone; we must unite to win this war.

  4. I love this post, Veronicah! I’ve often felt the same way.
    Keep rebelling against the norm. You’ll make a change!

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