I’ve been thinking a lot this week about a quote I first discovered on her blog: “No man can walk out on his own story.” So true. So interesting to ponder. We’ve got to stick with it; we’ve got to endure no matter what. We can’t abandon our story once we get bored with it, and we can’t leave when we lose control. We are forced to stick with it no matter what. And yet, despite the fact that we can’t walk out on our story, and despite the fact that we can’t entirely control it, we can use it to impact the stories of those around us. For better or for worse we’re stuck with ourselves, and we get to choose which one it will be: for better or for worse.

Our lives are started like a story prompt: she was born to so and so parents in such and such a place, and then she inevitably grew up, and… And what? What do other people think of me? What impact will my life leave? Will I choose to use the boring times to grow spiritually? Will I become complacent? Everyone has a future, but no one knows for certain what that future holds. I find it funny when people want to know what I’ve planned for the future. Planning is futile- it will be changed. Me? I’ll just figure it out as I go along.

Sometimes it’s easy to envy people who have their futures made. Those who have never pondered this not being able to walk out on their story. But then I remember that they are in for disappointment. No one can write their future until it comes, and just like all good stories no character is entirely certain what will happen next. Surprises happen in stories. There are things to be overcome. The Author knows what will come next, and he knows what we will do about it, and still somehow he lets us choose. It’s an advantage of being outside of time I suppose: knowing, and controlling.

No one can walk out on his own story, but we can choose what to do with it. We can choose our reactions, and we can choose our friends. We can live to give or to get. We can make our story worthwhile or not. There’s a lot of power in our hands, in our choices; power can be wielded for good or bad. In our mortal stories we cannot rewrite, so remember you only have one story, use it wisely. Give it to the one who controls the stories. Surrender, keep living, and don’t look back.

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9 thoughts on “Stories

  1. I do like where you went with this but I have to disagree with the “No one can walk out on his own story”. I understand where it comes from but many have walked out on their own story. Its called suicide. Their story ends before its suppose to by their own hands of course but that is walking out of your own story. I believe thats the only flaw with Gods plan to give us free will…..most of us choose the wrong will at any givin time. Interesting read….thanks.

    • Yes… I thought about this fact when I read her post, and wrote mine as well. The reason I still believe that statement to be true is that even after death people still have to deal with the consequences of their story. There is no walking out ever. Sadly, in an attempt to escape their stories people have only brought the consequences on themselves sooner. I don’t know where you stand about God so you may or may not agree about that.

      Also, I agree with Nastya: I believe that there are no flaws in God’s plan, only in man. God’s plan was perfect, but we chose to go away from that plan. If God didn’t give us free will then his plan wouldn’t be much, and we would all be robots. So, I think that God’s plan is as perfect as it can be while involving imperfect people. Thanks for commenting!

  2. YES, my friend.

    What scdmw33 said is quite true, one can use suicide. But I think that only supports the fact that no man can walk out – in the end, no one truly wants suicide as the finale to their story. It’s against God’s rules, it’s not the way it’s supposed to work. It’s against the principle, suicide is failure. We can’t walk out on our own story, and be okay. And I disagree, God’s plan has no flaws. If there was no free will, there would be no such thing as a choice, and therefore no such thing as love.

    I hear you on the whole planning thing. Everyone seems to have everything so mapped out, and they’re staring at me like I’m so far behind. The truth is, I know God set me here for something, I haven’t got clearance on what that is, so I’m not going to go moving ahead and making my own decisions here. Sure, I think it’s good to have plans and to have a direction. But not at the expense of not letting God have control of the show. Anyways.

    Here’s to making yours and my stories count, Veronicah Rose. 🙂

    • “We can’t walk out on our own story, and be ok.”

      Yes, so true.

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is behind, no the only one who is waiting on God’s plan in His timing because I know it will be so much more awe inspiring than my ideas ever will. Thank you for making me feel not so alone once again, friend. And yes, let’s make our stories count!

  3. Wise words. I can definitely understand how you feel about people who seem to know the “happily ever after” to their story. I hate feeling like the only one who doesn’t know what that ending looks like. It’s so good to know you’re on that same journey with me.
    I’m once again reminded of the part in Jeremiah 29:11 that says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord…”
    He knows my future. I don’t need to. Yeah, it would be comforting to know, but the God of the universe has my life under his control.

  4. Karen Martin

    It’s true that a person can’t walk out on his or her own life, but you can do your best to ignore it, hoping it will go away. Concentrating on TV screens or computer monitors, reading books when you know there are a thousand things that would be a better use of your time, are ways to pretend your life isn’t really there.

    I’m job hunting, hoping I get one job I interviewed for, and frightened I’ll get another job after realizing it would be a dreadful place for me to work. And there are money worries trying to overwhelm me.

    And so I pray. Pleading, groveling prayers. Count-my-blessings thanksgiving prayers, usually ending with more pleading, groveling prayers. And always the temptation to go back to more computer games, or reading a book long after bedtime, to keep my mind too busy to think.

    But my life won’t go away. And sometimes I get the energy to do something productive with my time.

    Well, I’ve got to stop for now. I must apply for at least 3 jobs a week to “earn” my unemployment benefits, and I’ve got some cheerful cover letters to cobble together.

    • So true. I think you’ve just described my prayer life. As I’ve often said before ignorance is not bliss; it only makes us dread the thing we’re trying to ignore.
      It only makes things worse.

  5. Hey, Veronicah! I have a HUGE favor to ask. I’m a finalist in a Christian design contest sponsored by My goal is to make it into the top 3. Unfortunately, I’m a bit short on votes.
    Would you be willing to consider voting for me and sharing the link to the Facebook picture? Here’s how the voting works… one “like” equals one vote. 🙂 Pretty simple!

    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    ❤ Gabrielle

    • I really really really wish I could; you picked a great quote! But, I’m not on facebook, so I can’t ‘like’ it :/. However I hear by encourage anyone who is on facebook, and reads this to like it.

      Also, thanks for your comment earlier. He does know the plans he has for us, and they are amazing. We can trust in that.

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