What if I stumble, and what if I fall? What if I lose my step, and I make fools of us all?

Ministry is for the good people, the perfect people, the people who know what they’re doing. It’s so easy to feed these lies to myself; it’s easy to almost believe them. It’s easy to think that I’m not good enough, and leave the loving on people to everyone else, because I don’t want to disappoint others with my humanity. I don’t want to let God down (as if), and I don’t want to work that hard. Ministry: it’s not a job for perfect people, but for the broken.

It’s a scary thing knowing that people look up to you. Giving piggy back rides to one little girl, hearing another say that when she grows up she wants to babysit like me. I don’t want to let those little innocent hearts down, but I know that I’m imperfect, that someday I will. Does that mean that I should just draw back now, and keep God’s love to myself? Does that mean I should be a God hog? Terrifying choices are presenting themselves- choices about future ministries which will lead to more people I could let down. Should I just draw back into my little shell, and not use the talents God has given me?

The answers to these questions seem obvious, but their opposites are tempting. Wading through a mess of broken hearts is not something I look forward to. Honest confessions are crazy hard. What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I lose my step, and I make fools of us all? What if I disappoint a precious innocent heart? Ministry is dangerous, but it is important, fulfilling, and necessary.

And so I face it because with God all things are possible. Because He has given me this amazing passion for people. He has given me big dreams, and a big heart I’m not going to let fear get in my way. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but for now I’ll live fully, and try to choose wisely. I’ll continue to share God’s love whenever I get the chance, and grow in the faith. Ministry isn’t easy, and I believe that many people let fear get in their way. I’m not gonna let that happen. Are you?

Cause I see the trust in their eyes…they need Your love in their lives

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4 thoughts on “Ministry

  1. oh man…this is something I’ve been thinking about so much lately (so apologies if the eventual post I may or may not write on the subject sounds like a total ripoff of yours, haha). The idea that God not only works despite our brokenness, but can USE our brokenness to reach other broken people is kind of mind-blowing. And counter-intuitive. I’m still wrestling that default mode of quietly terrified avoidance. Thank you for this post; you put it beautifully. I needed to hear this and God knew it 😉

    • Feel free to steal the topic; I’ll be interested to hear your take.Terrified advance is better than none.

      I’m glad God’s used my imperfect post to help you. He is amazing. All glory to Him!

  2. Hm. Words I so needed to hear.
    Thank you.

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