Uncomfortableness, and Projectile Vomiting

I need to be uncomfortable. God hates complacency. God hates lukewarm. God wants my relationship with Him to be ever growing and expanding. I need to be doing new things- scary things- always. It’s a part of being a disciple; it’s a part of vulnerability. I’ve been discovering lately how good uncomfortableness is for my walk with God.

I’ve never heard a testimony that didn’t involve brokenness. I’ve never seen change without risk. Funny, how I’m realizing the obvious now, all at once. I just stepped out into uncomfortableness today, and though I’m not going to tell you how (at least not yet) I will tell you that I’ve discovered that it makes a difference. When I’m uncomfortable I lean harder on God. When I take a  ‘step of faith’ it stretches me.

Honesty is hard. Transparency is insane. Accountability is terrifying. You see the pattern? These are all things I need to grow on in my life. Where do you need to grow? Hmm. See, it’s easy to look at my role model Christians, and think they are comfortable in their walks with God. They have a system; a way of doing things. Maybe that’s just the way I’ve seen it, or maybe they need shaken up. Maybe both.

So, let me challenge you. Are you comfortable? Are you complacent, or compromising? Lukewarmness leads to projectile vomiting (occasionally out of the mouths of big fish), and if you’re anything like me you’ve learned that from experience. If you’re anything like me you don’t want to go there again. What is that next step for you? What is the thing you’ve been avoiding, Take a good hard look at it, pray a good hard prayer, and step out on faith. I can promise you (I know from experience) God will come through every time.

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5 thoughts on “Uncomfortableness, and Projectile Vomiting

  1. Nastya Andreyevna

    Why are we always thinking on the same wavelength?? Lol.

    YES! Yes to uncomfortableness, yes to leaving our comfort zones, yes to pain and fear and all that, because THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES TO GROW.

    And I’d rather die growing, than slowly fade away, drugged, from sitting all cozily.

    This is my mission. In the past week, it’s hit me so hard, just how attached I am to my comfort zone. I could do so much, if I would. But I won’t, because I refuse to leave my comfort zone. I’ve avoided life, I’ve avoided everything, just to stay inside. I’ve built the walls up so high, I’ve lived here for so long, that sometimes I’m scared I won’t be able to leave. But oh well. I’m leaving anyways.

    Here we go again. 😉

    • Yes, why? It’s really cool though. 😉

      This sentence really hit me: “I’d rather die growing, than slowly fade away, drugged, from sitting all cozily.” Yes! Standing in front of my entire church next Sunday, and saying that I’m taking this next step is not exactly my idea of comfortable, but it’s what I need. Comfort zones are overrated. Let’s break the walls together friend. I so cannot wait to meet you in real life, by the way.

      • Nastya Andreyevna

        Standing in front of church? sweet. YOU GO KILL IT.

        And since we’re on the subject, have you read Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris? If you have not, STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. I just finished it, and…wow. I’m going to be a very different person from now on.

        I can’t wait to meet you either. I have a feeling we’re going to have a very nice time when it happens. 😉 Who knows? Maybe this is just the tiniest little beginning for us!

      • Yes, well I didn’t exactly know it was going to involve that when this whole thing started. But hey, cool people have pushed me to do great things. What can I say?

        Haha, yes! Amazing book, it is currently sitting in a prominent position on top of my dresser. I need to reread it in the near future.

  2. Nastya Andreyevna

    GO REREAD IT. And then we’ll take it and run with it, and we both will kill it together, shall we?

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