Have I Told You Lately?

Have I told you lately that we live in a very sick world? Have I painted a picture of the rubble, desperation, and  hopelessness I see around me? This breaks my heart. I could tell you story after story that I have discovered. If I could hear every story orchestrated for every role on this great stage I don’t know where I would be; I am already driven to my knees by these few I know. The helplessness of this seeking world pulls on my heartstrings, and it makes me want to do something.

Have I told you lately that good moral people can’t clean up this mess? Happy all the time Christians are not what this world needs. Many have already been turned away by the judgment, and shallowness they find in Christian culture. These people don’t want vague far off promises of eternal fulfillment; they want love, hope, and something truly worth living for now. They’re not looking for perfection, but they are looking for realness, honesty, and truth. What this world needs is highly potent Christians daily living out the great commission, and growing in their relationship with God.

Have I told you lately that I want to be one of those people? Running hard after God, absorbing his love and passion, and then letting mercy’s floodgates loose on the people is what I live for. Do you? To be constantly praying for opportunity; to be dedicated even when the going gets tough, that “…even my darkest hour will shine like the noonday sun.” This is my dream. But I’m not willing to let it remain a dream. I’m reaching, and running, and fighting my way up this mountain.  I’ve just rounded a bend, and let me tell you the view is breathtaking, but I’m not satisfied just yet.

Have I told you lately that running this race is so worth it? Have I invited you to join me?It’s never too late to escape the ranks of the “good people’, and join the small band of imperfect disciples following Jesus wherever he leads. Ask for his vision, and go out into this needy world. Be the arrow to that light they’re all looking for. Grow. Read His words, talk to him, praise, him, and study his actions. Join me. I’m not perfect; I’m a sinner saved by grace-I make mistakes. But I’m on my way friend. I’m on my way to becoming a potent, and God following pointer to the only prescription for this sick and needy world.

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2 thoughts on “Have I Told You Lately?

  1. Nastya Andreyevna


    I’ve been shocked, because now that I’m trying to watch for the warning signs, I see them in almost EVERYBODY. Almost everyone is crying, in some way. Billions and billions of desperate people, and I’m just one little person who really doesn’t know what to do. How on earth am I supposed to help them?

    But maybe even just one person, with a single life-focus of being used for them…who existed just to give as much light and love as they possibly could to everyone they passed by…just maybe they could make a difference.

    That will be my mission, I think. Every day, wherever I can give, I’ll try to give. I’ll exist for them. To be the one person they know, that truly cares and tries to understand. No one listens in this world, and I know what that feels like. I can try to give back everything I feel I’ve missed.

    • Yes. Everyone, everywhere…the need is so big. And I want to fill that hole so bad. We can’t solve all the problems, but we can help some. Let’s do it sistah!

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