To my Comrades in Arms,

I know what I want to say, but I can’t think how to say it. Bear with my imperfections; I’m a work in progress.I think what I want to say is that Satan is working. He’s fighting, and struggling for all he’s worth- it both excites, and scares me. Tell me, am I the only one seeing all of my fellow soldiers under heavy attack right now? Am I the only one who has begun to realize where the gaps in my armor are, and attempted to fill them in?

Maybe it is more than writers’ block that has kept me from writing thus far. Maybe it was more than fear of controversy, because spiritual forces do exist. We can’t make it alone and disconnected. We need to fight for each other as prayer warriors.We need to work together leaning first of all on Jesus, then on our roots, and each other. God works all things together for good. Is He cleansing us of fakers? What is it He’s preparing us for?

I don’t know, but I know that He’s not finished with me yet; I know His  plans are best. I trust that, and I keep fighting. Let me encourage you to keep fighting too, In the end God will win this thing- each battle counts towards the war. We can’t afford to let our prayer lives slide, and we can’t afford not to support each other on account of maybes. Don’t give up. In the end the end I want to be able to say I have done my part. Let’s fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith together.

May God bless you, and use you greatly,


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3 thoughts on “To my Comrades in Arms,

  1. The transforming of “our” country took a very big hit this last week. It is not just a political transformation, it is very much spiritual. Perhaps that is what you are feeling. I have not seen very many Christian blogsites commenting on the election, but I have felt it very strongly. I am surprised there have not been more articles. I know people get very emotional about the subject, and may feel it is not a “spiritual” topic, however, if you are talking about “invisible forces” doing battle, you cannot ignore our latest election. I have felt a heaviness in the air since that day. Usually it goes away quickly, but this time it has not. (Just a thought to consider.)

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