OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am slow to make plans. I like things to be somewhat predictable, though not scheduled. I often wait until the last-minute to make choices. I have few certain ideas about my future. Now  you have vague idea of who I am, so imagine this: a person with those qualities being bombarded with college brochures, endless options, and an open world. ‘Inquiring minds want to know what you plan to do with the rest of y our life.’ Tons of ‘Such and such a college is best for you’ brochures. Options, sign ups, test prep, majors, decisions, opinions… and the list goes on.

Sometimes I feel backed into a corner: small and insignificant. Sometimes I feel the need to be different, and to use my life wisely. Sometimes I want a bit of silence; for the voices to go away. I’ve been listening for God’s elusive will among the voices at least a little, though probably not enough. I’ve been handed insightful bible verses, interesting reads, and great wisdom from various speakers, but I still don’t have the answers to the questions that will direct my life.

Maybe God is saying wait. I’ve never done especially well with that answer. Instinctive patience is not a gift that I possess. What do I tell those inquiring minds? The classic answer? “I’m undecided.” Or do I even want to go to college at all. I’ve known too many who never use their degrees. I’m on the brink of something, and though it’s easy to sink back into the familiarity of routine I’m ever conscious that that rug will be pulled out from under me someday soon.

I’m facing the world with God on my side hoping He’ll lead me to where I should go. I’m trying new things, and venturing out, but still keeping home base in sight. Soon my strength will be tested; this root system strained. Will I hold through the storm?  I’ve watched so many fall. It scares me. Yet, I find courage in the fact that I am not alone, for the King of the world is on my side, and even though he hasn’t told me where I’m headed yet what do I have to fear?

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9 thoughts on “College

  1. I didn’t know how your you were! You must be so if you are writing about just going to college and making that decision! Young lady, you have a wonderful heart, and the thoughts you pen to paper truly resonate with many! No matter the path you choose to follow in your life or a college degree you decide to pursue, do not stop writing your heart out.

    That’s a gift! And say thank you to whomever taught you grammar and spelling, you did a good job learning on that one!

    Be blessed!


    • I am blessed by your comment. You are very encouraging. I do not think that I could stop trying if I wanted to, but as I said to Tabitha the responses I have gotten to this post have really made me think of it as more than a hobby. Perhapse a possible career. I’ve always ignored that option before partially because I am not good at writing on command, but there are many options.

      I can’t take the entire credit for my good grammer here. I have my parents read my posts over for grammatical errors before I post them, which has really saved me from some errors, especially on the posts I write while half asleep. 😉 But, again, thank you. Your words have blessed my heart

  2. I remember that time. I still have shoe boxes of all the information they would send me. It is definetly an overwhelming time. I luckily knew what I wanted to be, but not knowing is fine too! While I was reading your post it reminded me of myself. I too am sluggish when it comes to making decisions–I put it off until the very last minute. All you…we can do is ask God to lead us in His way. But I must say you’re writing is fantastic! I love to read everything you write because it’s just so good!! I’m sure so many people have told you to pursue your gift of writing. 🙂

    • It’s good to know that I’m not the only one. Thank you for the complement! I have to honestly say that I haven’t considered majoring in writing, though many have told me that I write well. You’ve got me thinking, which is a good thing.

  3. Only finally getting around to posting on this because I wanted to finish my comment on the previous thread first.

    The question of college is very individual, as is the answer. There is no one answer for everyone. One problem is that college has (in mainstream culture) been over-sold as the best course for everyone. Like you, I have seen plenty of people go to college and never end up using that degree for anything.

    Both my parents went to college (English majors both) and neither ended up formally using that education in employment. Not to say it was a total waste–they met at college and ended up marrying, and one could also say their education contributed to mine and my silbings, since we were homeschooled. Still, not exactly the successful career people talk about college gaining.

    I have siblings who never went to college and yet now have successful well paying employment. Then I have a brother who went to college directly out of highschool and after college gained employment entirely unrelated to his degree and now (years later) is going back to college to get an MBA in line with his actual employment.

    Two of my sisters each skipped college until about their mid-twenties. Until then they stayed and home and did other things. Eventually one then felt God calling her in a particular direction, went for her associates, now is working on her Bachelors of Science, and hopes to go for her Dr eventually. My other sister recently decided to begin taking painting courses. She doesn’t know where it will lead, isn’t matriculated for a degree–but is just doing it because she enjoys painting very much (and is very good at it).

    In the past I took two college courses (non-matriculated) and enjoyed them very much, but afterward decided that was not where God was leading me. More recently I went through a technical school to become certified as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I didn’t enjoy that, but felt it was what I should do.

    The point of all this is just to say there is no one right way. Sometimes waiting can be a very good thing. The world wants to push you, hurry, hurry, hurry, but it isn’t true that “Oh my gosh if you don’t go to college right out of highschool you’ll be a faaaaaliure!” That certainly is the pressure.

    And don’t believe all of those brochures. When I was a boy I believed a brochure that told me I would love summer camp–I went and I hated it terribly. Just sayin 😉

    • It’s good to see I’m not the only one with the opinion that college isn’t a must. I will say the preassure is there, but even if it weren’t the question of what to do otherwise. Structure isn’t always a bad thing.

      Haha, it’s too bad that you had a terrible time, but at least it makes a good story. 😉

  4. Veronicah,

    I haven’t commented on your blog in a long time and I apologize for that. I have been trying to limit my blog reading time in order to focus on my schoolwork.

    Your words resonate deeply with me as this is my senior year of high school. I am sooo stressed out right now. I’ve applied to nine colleges, yet have no clue what one I should go to. They all seem pretty similar, in my opinion. And expensive… I’ve tried praying about the decision, but I haven’t gotten any answers. It’s driving me crazy. Lately, I’ve had trouble sleeping at night, because I keep wrestling with thoughts about my future.

    Thanks for this great post. It’s so good to be reading your blog again!

    • No apology necessary. Schoolwork is more important than online stuff. I too struggle with that balance.

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one wrestling with this. The idea of spending that much money on something I’m not sure about irks me. Deciding a career…preassure. I am also glad that God has used this post to bless you. It was good to hear from you. I owe you an apology for not reading as much over at your place as I should too. 😉

      Also, let me point you to a few really interesting colleges I’ve found. I don’t know what you’re looking at, but these fascinate me, and I’ve been anxiose to share them with someone! Here are three: Saint John’s in Annapolis, and Santa Fe, Gutenberg in Oregon, and The College of the Atlantic on an island. Weather you are interested in those are not, I must share because I think they are viable alternatives to ‘regular’ college.

      • I checked out the website for St. John’s college. It sounds incredbile! I love the idea of discussion based classrooms. College of the Atlantic sounds fantastic as well. I enjoyed reading about the students’ current projects and the beautiful local scenery. I’m surprised I’ve never heard about these colleges. They seem so neat.

        I’m currently planning on attending Trinity International University next year, primarily because the scholarship I received was too good to turn down. I’m still not 100% settled about the idea, though. I don’t know if I have pre-college jitters or if God is calling me somewhere else.

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