A Good Week


This week has been, really, just another week chock full of days, and small events. It didn’t have enough time in it, of course. It has been a good week, honestly, so you don’t have to brace yourself for another negative blog post. There have been small losses, and small victories; maybe it’s the good weather that has brought so many smiles to my face.

Life is like that I guess. The tide comes in and the tide goes out as time goes on. Time goes on too quickly, always to quickly-it’s speed and my passivity frustrate me. I could, and should be doing more. I have only one life to live, yet I waste so much time. People’s fates are being decided daily (though God already knows the ends of all), time is uncertain, and my days are numbered.  My goodbyes are too numerous for my liking.

I know, I know . . . goodbyes turn into hellos. But then I’ll have to move on again, leaving more dear people in my wake. Vulnerability hurts, especially when you know that those goodbyes may be eternity final. Sheesh, I can turn  anything into a negative post. But you see my struggle. Many would say that I try too hard, and that I’m an idealist. And yes, those things are true, but I don’t expect that they will change anytime soon. This is who I am.

Anyways, it was a good week. I don’t have a nice  wrap up line, or a set topic for this post, It’s been nice to be lighthearted for a change, even with these underlying tensions. We shall see if this will last.

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5 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. Oh no the lighter cheery moments won’t last 🙂 (I am such a ray of sunshine!) But yes, it is good while it is here. I also have been enjoying the sunshine and warmth. I think March was kind of a dud weather wise.

    • Yes, really you are a ray of sunshine. Just for the record though this week has been fairly good too. April has been wonderful (well, except for the rain, but we need that) weather wise.

      • Yay for good weeks! Glad you have had two in a row. April really has been fantastic. I have been meaning to write a post about the peepers coming out last week–always a cheerful sign of spring.

  2. Glad to hear you are having a good week! Some would say to add some cheer to your life with a puppy dog! That is what I have done, but buyer be warned, there is a lot of “work” and “patience” that has to go with all that lov’n, too! So don’t buy a puppy dog if you are not prepared for it! It won’t lengthen your good week! (LOL!) But as for me, I’m having a blast developing this new little comrade in my life!

    • Odd, but we might end up doing just that. Our dog of of nine years just died of a heart attack 😦 (it’s been really hard on my younger brother) and come summer we’re thinking of getting a new pup this summer. I’m not too good on the patience with house-training end of things, but I really enjoy training them to do other things, such as come to a whistle. We’re not sure what breed we’re getting yet…

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