Thanksgiving in May

It’s struck me this week how much I have to be thankful for. Since I often bog you guys down with my woes I thought I would post something (Gasp!) uplifting this time. So, yeah, here are some of the amazing things God has blessed me with this week.

*I got 100% on all three of my assignments for my college class this week, plus I got a really nice response from my professor regarding a frustration I had with one of those assignments. After having had a somewhat frustrating week grade wise last week it was really a pleasant surprise to get online last night and see A pluses on all of my assignments.

*We got a new dog. God is amazing, can I just say that? We recently lost our dog of ten years, and had begun searching for a new one online through various shelters in our area,  but had begun to get frustrated due to the stiff regulations and steep funds involved in rescuing a dog. But God provided. I’ve always wanted an Australian Shepherd but have never been able to afford one. Quite accidentally we  found a beautiful male who was in our area, kid friendly, and free! He’s been here for over a day and is working out well thus far.

*I received a notice this week that I had made it into the top 45% of a poetry contest I entered, and thus am going to get published. For the most part poetry is a rather un-useful hobby of mine, so it was really cool to know that my poem is going to be shared with others, and that the judges thought of it as good. Plus I’ve been a bit word stuck as far as poetry lately so this is a real encouragement to me.

*I got to go on a short bike ride and enjoy the beauty of  spring this week. Everything is just so green. There were blossoms on the trail, and the lake was a beautiful blue. God’s creation is wonderful.

That is by no means an extensive list, but hopefully it shall be a bit of a pick me up to help you through your day.

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6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in May

  1. Nastya Andreyevna

    Aw, MEGA CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR POEM PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing, so happy for you. 🙂 Poetry is NEVER UN-USEFUL!! Don’t forget. And YAY for the new dog and great grades and lovely bike rides! We’re entering hardcore summer over here, so night-walks are awesome.

    Also, no need to apologize for not being positive and cheerful. Never underestimate how encouraging your woeful posts can be…..because then the rest of us realize we’re not alone, and that we’re allowed to be real, and honest, and that we don’t have to pretend. That’s more comforting than a month’s worth of happy posts. 🙂 And liberating, besides!

    P.S. Been thinking about revisiting that letter of yours….I THINK THE TIME MIGHT BE DRAWING NEAR!! 🙂

    • Thank you. And yay for night walks! I tell you I can’t wait till summer hits enough for those over here. They’re positively magical.

      And thank you for the encouragement. I always end up smiling when reading your comments. I do feel like my blog is all woe is me sometimes, but I shall remember what you say. Liberation is worth it, definitely.

      And finally yay letters! I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for throwing that at you. When you gave me your e-mail and I sat down to write my mind was total blankness. So I can empathize, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about ‘the time drawing near’. Be less mind blank than I was. 😉

  2. Yay for bike rides and enjoying spring weather.

    Double yay for a new dog. (Cool breed!)

    Triple yay for three 100% assignments. (Woohoo!)

    Quadruple yay for getting poetry published! (Magazine? Local, state, or national?)

    • Hmm what comes after quadruple? Anyhoo, whatever that should be yay for yays!

      As to the poetry contest it was at least national. It may have been international, I’m not sure.

  3. Aunt Bee

    Congratulations on your grades and poem!! So proud of you. And very happy about your new dog. God is good! Love you!

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