The Sun Also Rises

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoy and Spirit fire do not come back all at once in a flood of sunlight, but rather as small rays piercing the darkness through the boards of an ancient wall. They come back when I am not focusing on myself; they  come back when I am forgetting myself and focusing on others: when excitedly preparing a lesson for the young lost, when praying for people I care about who are far from God, and when sadly reading about the fate of destruction for those who don’t receive His gift.

The sun sets, but it also rises, and it is important to acknowledge both. Yes, even as a Christian I go through times without the feelings, but if I didn’t have faith I would be separated always. Now there’s a scary thought. Without God I am nothing, and life is meaningless; with Him there is hope for a thousand tomorrows of joy. Even when the rain comes there is hope because Heaven is waiting full of Jesus and people that I love. I serve an amazing Savior.

So even though it is not yet mid-day and I haven’t yet basked in the awesome light it is coming.  After a long night this sunrise is a joyous time. I am not yet taking the emotions for granted. Everything is new and fresh bathed in the radiance of light. People. I know my cup is filling because I am passionate about the people again. They need to see this. They are living in a darkened world, exchanging eternal pleasure for the temporary. God loves them intensely.

The sun is rising. I hope you can rejoice with me at the beauty of this new day.

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2 thoughts on “The Sun Also Rises

  1. Always good to have the good days. 🙂 (I wanted to work a book title into my response but couldn’t figure out how to get a “For Whom the Bell Tolls” reference in.)

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