OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASummer is almost over. I am squeezing all that I can out of these last days. I cannot stop the passing of time. I cannot go back and fully appreciate all the moments that I missed, but I can live for now, today, this moment. I cannot capture every ounce of now and preserve it for other months which are beautiful in different ways, but I can capture glimpses, snapshots, tidbits…”For now we see dimly as in a mirror…” It’s worth trying in vain to capture the foretastes of Heaven that I see on earth, if only for the experience.

But I don’t want trying to lead to obsessing, for then  I will miss the current moment trying to hoard the past. We are, after all, given daily bread. The wisest man ever to have lived said to eat, drink, and be merry. All the hoarding is in vain if I die tomorrow, for I cannot take things with me into the next life. I am convinced that no one ever has truly lived life to the fullest. No one is exempt from regrets. No one fully appreciates the hoarded memories of those who brought us here in the first place. Mostly we just ignore the past, and that’s why living for the present has it’s problems.

If no one has lived fully and perfectly, then I hold little hope of being above average, but that will not stop me from drinking deep, laughing long, or working intensely. Perspective means so much. I know I lose perspective far too often. In the grand scheme of things I am invisibly small, but that will not stop me from living my vapor life as best I can for my Creator.

It is true that I always fall short. I don’t pray enough, witness well, fully enjoy,commit as I should…but  that’s where grace comes in. It’s another thing to celebrate, so much bigger than the changing of seasons; so much bigger than I can grasp. But I will rejoice in it anyways with reckless abandon. I can never praise the Savior enough to make up for this great gift, or any of His gifts for that matter. But watch me try. Watch me please Him by participating in His gifts. Jesus’ applause is the best feeling in the world.

As I’m living in the moments that bring summer to a close these are things I’m thinking of, though hopefully I’m not thinking too much to miss the moments. It’s an impossible juggling act I will admit, but I think it’s worth a try.

(Giving credit where credit is due I thank N. D. Wilson, and incredible end of summer day trips for the inspiration for this post.)

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