Mini Rebellions

I shut down my calculator and begin a post of poetry. How ironic. It’s been long enough since I’ve written one of these. Honestly I’m not writing poetry as much lately as I’m stuck in the world of school and exact answers, but words are still ever so much more important than numbers to me. Maybe I’m rebelling against the exactness with all this free verse. I never used to be able to pull that type off, but these are half decent if I do say so myself. We shall see what ya’ll have to say (and it better be honest.) So, with no further ado I present to you my mini rebellions against rigidity and routine. Enjoy.

Maybe fun is just denial.
Maybe happiness only delays the inevitable.
Maybe playing is worthless because it is ‘ignoring the heart of the matter.’
Maybe laughter is an insubstantial relief for the weak.
Maybe I am the weak because I won’t let go.
Of little moments, small connections, and inconsequential banter,
Of people who—even though they won’t display hurt—pillow fight to the death,
Of days I look forward to filled with sarcasm and temporal pleasure,
Of childlike abandon,
Of the things that keep me alive.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Maybe growing up is overrated.
Maybe not.
 Interwoven into…
Infusing lives with meaning,
Expressing feelings for us.
Ascribed to memories–
We pick our favorite groups.
Words plus rhythm equals power.
Each generation claims a type.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Voice of rebellion,
The stuff of movements,
Stuff of dreams.
Impossible to forget. 
Imperative to the human experience.
Universal: embedded in our genes.
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5 thoughts on “Mini Rebellions

  1. I am not much good with poetry so my opinion doesn’t count for much here. That said, I liked the second half better. I felt the references and allusions were more artful.

    Favorite bit:

    Each generation claims a type.
    Voice of rebellion,
    The stuff of movements,

    I know you are speaking about music, but I see a second truth in that statement. Each generation claims a type, something that is less than the reality of God. They chose some lesser thing to be their voice of rebellion, the stuff of their movements. It is imperitive to the human experience (sin) the stuff embedded in our genes.

    • It’s interesting how poetry means different things to different people. I kind of agree with your observation on your “favorite bit”, but I think we need to be cautious with that statement. There is nothing new under the sun (or, as Icon For Hire says “I think our kind of crazy has already been done.”) So, though we all choose to sin we are not sinning in new ways.

      And of course it is important to remember that even lesser rebellions can be important and not sinful unless made to be higher than God. Just some thoughts. 😉

  2. I absolutely agree that there is nothing new under the sun and though we all choose to sin we are not sinning in new ways. I guess my last comment was a bit opaque, because that was exactly what I was getting at too.

    My thought was along the lines of how every generation has its “Tower of Babel” so to speak–the thing they think will allow them to “ascend to the heavens” as it were. Back some generations ago it was the Industrial Revolution. Then it was science. Now it is technology. Whatever a culture has latched on to as its “savior” that is what I was thinking about. Of course technology and science aren’t bad in themselves, any more than the clay bricks used to build the tower of Babel were bad in themselves. But it is how people view, and use, those things.

    I think I understand what you mean in your second statement about “lesser rebellions.” I think you mean such things as rebelling against cultural norms that have nothing intrinsic to do with God–such as rebelling against certain artistic tastes, or what-have-you. If I have rightly understood you, then I don’t disagree with that either. Though, in my first comment I was only thinking about rebellion vis-a-vis God.

  3. I like them both! They make you think and wonder what it means (in a good ‘I”ll probably figure this out’ way), and poetry should do that.

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