OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARevelation: I think that this world and the spiritual world are much closer than we gauge them to be by our actions. Because I see Him when I least expect it — in late night talks, in self-proclaimed heathens, in overused phrases,  in the seemingly unfair circumstances of those I know… I see Him in everyone and everything around me, and wonder how so many can be oblivious to the battles for their souls. I see Him, and I see the Enemy in myself as I try to understand my motivations. How do we miss reality to focus on the shallow so constantly? How is God not obvious to everyone?

Where else does everything beautiful come from? Why else is their a moral code written on our hearts? Why else is it that humankind is so compelled to worship? How can we blame God for all the bad things that happen when without Him the idea of good and bad wouldn’t exist? I’m not trying to sound elitist here. It’s just so hard for me to comprehend how God is invisible to some when He is present everywhere to me. I know He opens our eyes to understand and see the spiritual when we accept Him, but it still surprises me how blind the unbelieving can choose to be.

I love them, I respect them, and I accept them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re missing so much. I see my Jesus every moment of every day. He enthralls my soul with wonder. They focus on the insignificant and run from topics like God or death. They miss Him when He is in the very air they breath. I cry out “How God?” and bite my tongue, trying to keep from appearing to be the obsessed mad woman that I am. To paraphrase 2nd Corinthians 5:13: if I am sane then it is for their sake.

Jesus loves the people desperately. He quite literally went through Hell so they could choose to be with them, and yet they turn their backs. Those who are not for Him are against Him. They hurt the Creator of the world, the Composer of the crickets’ song, the Painter of the Milky Way, the Sculptor of their very bodies by refusing Him. They shun His love, and the Almighty King of Heaven weeps. He made them to revel in this love by choice, yet they choose not to. They choose to live unfulfilling lives running from their purpose.

Again, I feel that I sound elitist. I am not trying to. God has given them the right to choose. They have chosen differently from me. I can respect that; a part of me can even understand the appeal of rebellion.I’m not trying to judge the people. I love them. But it is because I love them that their choice breaks my heart. They have chosen ignorance over bliss, themselves over God, they physical world itself over the spiritual overtones it was created to blast in their faces. They have chosen for now, and that kills me, but I have one solace. There is yet time. There is yet hope that they may see truth, choose differently, and by the ever-extended, unreasonably beautiful grace of God, that they may change their fates.


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2 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. I don’t remember the reference right now (I’m horrible with Bible addresses) but there’s a verse that says “They worship the created above the creator”, and that’s very true (Obviously, it’s from the Bible). Our society is way more focused on the things- the environment, animals, etc, etc- that they forget to acknowledge the one who created it all.

  2. Don’t worry, I’m horrible with references too, but I do remember the verse you’re talking about. It fits nicely here.

    Also (I’m feeling really slow right now), I just realized that your avatar is for Christopher Paloni’s books, which I read around Christmas break. I’m assuming your a fan? I really enjoyed his detailed plot…

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