I’m too tired to write a compelling blog post, so I don’t know why I’m trying. I guess it’s because days pass in a blur, and I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written, and that bothers me. Old habits die hard. Since I wrote here last I’ve discovered this website called 7 Cups of Tea, which I’m devoting a lot of my time to. I’m an active listener there. I meet people at their darkest points and try to help them. . Sometimes I get to share God. It is really fulfilling–helping me to add more people into my produce centric life. Sometimes I exhaust myself trying to balance to two, but it’s worth it.

I’m also trying to keep up with my real life people–people who live close to me, those I know. There are four I’d like to take on some kind of coffee date when I get the chance. Talking life, and struggles, and God in person can be helpful. Plus, I’ve had requests for another campfire when the weather clears. What better way to tithe than to buy hot dogs and s’more fixings for my people? Bring them here, let them feel loved…And, I’m having my second sleepover this month coming soon. Deep topics come up at 2 am. I hope I’m coherent enough that the words I say make enough sense to make a difference.

I went to see the movie Do You Believe? today. I’m not a huge movie fan, but this depicted the people in such a compelling, true to life way. I saw my people…the cutters, the suicidal, the soldiers, those who’ve given up hope, those trying to prove themselves, those lost in grief…I saw them and I cried, and I hoped others would leave the theater and act on their professed belief, realize that such people are real, and that they’re starving for love. I cannot singlehandedly save the world, as my mother likes to remind me. But there is so much need…The days fly by, and I hope I am making enough of an impact with my one, short life. For now I need to sleep. Fight hard my comrades in arms. There’s a world out there  starving for meaning and searching for genuine love.

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One thought on “Fulfilled

  1. It is pretty amazing the kind of communication that can happen in this day and age. Would you have imagined a service like 7 Cups of Tea existing five years ago, or guessed you would be using your gifts in this way even two years ago? (Not to mention five or ten years ago.) And yet here you are, reaching places all around the country in a way you couldn’t have imagined.

    But do be careful with yourself. I can easily see how this sort of thing (where there will always be one more person who needs a listener, and one more…) could grow to consume life. Wisdom is certainly needed in speaking and listening to others, but also in setting limits on one’s own engagement.

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