All the lies I let myself believe, will they someday haunt me, be whispered in my sleep? Tell me true, for there is there is value in honesty. I realize that I shoot myself in the foot with the same regularity as I eat, and I’m not foolish enough to believe that that’s mostly for the cause of enabling others, though it is occasionally.

I’m more selfish than I want to be; sometimes it’s hard to believe there is yet goodness in me. Once I had convinced myself I was artsy, but now I know that I’m just angsty… the drama queen I always strove not to be. Are we ever who we want, in reality?

Fame is fleeting, as is beauty. I’ve been lucky enough not to be granted either in excess. Nor do I have great knowledge, though I once thought I liked philosophy  Philosophists’ agonizing over-analyzing killed that theory. Yet, even in these words I seek to be more known. In everything I am the antithesis of all I hoped to be. I show, in all things, too much of my humanity, which I’m told is tacky…but I always admired vulnerability.

There are moments I wish I could freeze, but really nothing is all that we remember it to be. In conclusion, I’ll refrain from over-speculation on where I see myself, let alone our nation in any span of time: a month, a year… Though, through ash colored glasses, I see myself not much closer to my destination, yet closer to death. Make what you will of that prediction. Kind salutations to you on your trek, whose path crossed with mine on this occasion. Fare thee well.

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One thought on “Un-Prose

  1. Dear Veronica Rose — This morning I was delighted to find that you had found my post on Reliable Light of Glory — and that you would be following it! You are my very first person to contact me, and this is my very first response to anyone’s blog! My daughter-in-law, Cindy, helped me set it up when my book, “Isn’t that Good to Know?” recently came off the press. It is a sequel to “Isn’t that Just Like God?” both of which are available on Amazon under my name, Frances Briggs Pratt. She said I needed to “meet the public” in this way, but I know nothing about “blogs.’

    So I read yours all the way through and I see how it’s done! I love your picture — what a delightful young woman you must be. It’s sort of an “other-worldly” picture, obviously of a deep thinker. You asked for comments, so I’ll try to write one that helps you in your “journey with Christ.”

    First of all, I am glad to see a young woman who so deeply desires to be all she should be for her Lord. There are so few of them these days that you are remarkable! Yet, I sense a deep disappointment in your walk with Him, and I encourage you to climb up onto His lap. He’s given you His blood to make you right with your Father, the Holy Spirit to give you power to become a victor over every hurdle, and promised you Eternal Life with Him. Now you have lots of reasons to shout and sing! Fix your gaze on Him and His Word and step out — not “on air” — but on Jesus, our firm rock! He will keep His Word. The rainbow was one promise He’s kept all these years. Almost all the prophecies of the past have come to pass, just as He promised. And we can be sure that the rest of them will soon take place.

    So I urge you, dear one, to relax, rest, and TRUST IN HIM! That’s the word I’ve been getting for many years. It’s the way He prepares us for the glory we’re about to experience when He returns. And He’s calling for his Body to pray, so that He can bring His glory to the earth. He yearns for that. Don’t we? God bless you, dear. I cling to Joshua 1:9 a lot. In fact, all of Joshua 1 gives me strength to keep going on. And Phil. 4:4: “Rejoice in the Lord always! And again I say, “Rejoice!”

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