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My People –Character Sketch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho are we? The broken youth, simultaneously seeking and avoiding meaning, altogether wary of anyone who claims to know purpose and hope, convinced that truth can be neither easy nor complex. Oh yes, we’ve sat in the churches of our parents and grandparents. We’ve seen the shams of both our forefathers and our peers who claim the title “Christian”. Claim religion Sunday mornings and live the opposite every other hour of the week; pray when life gets tragic. Does your god hear you? Do you even really, fully believe he exists? There are some who follow the rules the rest of the week too, but even they are empty. Will they be saved by doing good?


No, spirituality, and Wicca, and Hinduism, and Native American beliefs are much more appealing. I’ve never been sold on the ritual and tradition and rigidity of the church. Time to try something else. Positive energy, oneness, gems, karma, incantations, incense, symbols and nature are much more compelling then a regimented system of belief derived from an ancient book. Connect with what I feel, with my emotions, and I’ll be much more convinced. Explain the vibes, the spirits, tell me of the goddesses and fables. Let’s connect with what I feel, with the mystery of the universe. That appeals to me.

I casually study herbs and purchase pendants with deeper meanings on my electric device. I’ll research crusades which led to the brutal death of many. I’ll read of witch trials conducted by the ancestors of those who taught me their Old English hymns, and the cynic in me will be even more convinced. I’ll strive for Nirvana. I’ll light a candle in my dark room–fire, a basin of water for liquid, an open curtain–air, a bit of soil sprinkled about. Life essences. Or how about a traditional dagger for my ceremonies? Lead me on with the tangible in my search for meaning. Maybe I will find my way.


These are the stakes. This is the mindset of my people. How do we defend the truth? This isn’t a system, this isn’t about fighting the people, this is about fighting the darkness. Mark Twain said “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Pulling back the curtain of lies of the Serpent is next to impossible. In ways I’ve had very little success, so I’m probably not one to give suggestions. But here are my thoughts:

  • Be genuine
  • Know apologetics
  • Be accepting
  • Share (food, etc.)
  • Truly listen
  • Don’t disregard their beliefs
  • Don’t disregard their pain
  • Try to be like Jesus





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Truth vs. Tradition

Watch me dis the tradition

You’ve held to so long.

Your tightly clenched fists are missing 

The point, though tradition’s not wrong.


Wrap yourself around the pointless.

You are turning people off.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s your fault you’re a dying breed–

We see through your chatter, we block

You out. You aren’t real, just an empty shell.


I want more.


Where is the God

You buried in ritual and recitation?

We need a renaissance:

To break free from these trappings,

Go back to The Book.


I’ll unmask the power you’ve run from.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Keep hiding, concealing, cowering behind your wall;

I’ll unleash the avalanche,

For somewhere amongst these ancient ashes

There is truth.


Incant behind your alters in assemblies.

I’ll unveil Veritas.

You are strangling society…

Separating them from substance.

Your loath-ness to change

Dooms humans to Hades.


Tradition doesn’t matter.

Retain truth, and dismiss the rest.

Don’t sacrifice souls for comfortable complacency.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Savior died for their salvation,

But you can’t alter your sermons, your songs…

That would be an abomination.


Addicted to amenity;

Averse to alteration.

Tradition over truth

Imprecates society.


Get over yourselves

Before you are blamed:

The cause of the casualty.’

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